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Illustration for article titled Yes, This Shot Of A Skateboarder Jumping Over A New York City Subway Track Is Real

Yes, this amazing photo of a skateboarder jumping over the track at the 145th St subway station in New York City is absolutely real. Here's how it happened.


According to Reddit, this photo shot by Allen Ying appears in the third issue of 43 Magazine and the footage will be released some time later this month from MandibleClaw.

Here's the story behind the shot from photographer Jacob Ireland, who was there and shot his own photos — which you can see here:

I’ve been waiting to share this till 43 Magazine released its third issue which includes an epic photo taken by Allen Ying shortly after these were taken. But I guess a few issues showed up at skate shops all ready and the photo is making the rounds.

We waited till about 5am to get this trick but it was worth it. I wasn’t sure Koki was going to do it when we went down, but after a few run ups he landed it first try. Look for the footage soon from the Claw and the photo in the 3rd issue of 43.


Stupid? Yes. Scary? Also yes. Badass? Absolutely. [via Gothamist]

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