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'Super Troopers' Sequel Set To Shoot Later This Year... MEOW!

Earlier this week, Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme of the comedy group Broken Lizard sat down with GuySpeed to discuss some recent shenanigans they've been up to. As you'd expect, ‘Super Troopers’ came up. After last year's rumors of a script, there's really only one question anyone wants to hear the answer to: Will there be a sequel? In a word, meow, yes.

Kevin told GuySpeed:

“There will be a Super Troopers sequel. We put it off for a while and then came back to it. We wrote the script and handed it in to Fox and now we’re just negotiating the time and the place and hopefully shoot it some time this year. I have to start growing my mustache now.”


There you have it —  straight from the cat's meow-th.

[via GuySpeed]

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