Why Volkswagen Had The Best Reveal At This Year's New York Auto Show

In our post-carpocalyptic and post-paper world, truly amazing auto show press reveals are a rarity. Rightfully so. Why spend tens of millions of dollars to unveil a car to a group of balding, morbidly-obese, and irrelevant auto "press" when it's already been seen online by an audience a thousand times larger and more… » 3/29/13 9:47am 3/29/13 9:47am

Jaguar Reads Playboy, Gets A 'Piloerection'

The new "Alive" ad campaign for Jaguar, the auto brand named after a kitty cat, stresses a corporate image that's all about asking buyers — "How Alive Are You?" The latest example of the campaign? Jag's asking readers of Playboy's May issue whether they've ever had a "piloerection." Sounds naughty. » 4/17/12 4:45pm 4/17/12 4:45pm